How can I get all my students to learn math?

A Pursuit

I’ll get straight to it and tell you that I don’t know the answer. As a public high school math and physics teacher in a major U.S. city, what I do know, is that meeting students at school and teaching them in a classroom for one hour per day is not the answer to the question in the title. At least that’s not the whole answer. This blog is my attempt at searching for the whole answer.

What motivates me towards finding a solution is my conviction that every student is capable of learning math. I’ve seen enough of them to know. Once we get past any nonsense that is contrary to this we must acknowledge that it is not impossible for all students to learn math. If it is not impossible, then the solution is just a matter of creativity that involves new-to-this-world tools and methods for learning math. This is what must be created.

The content on this website is two things: me philosophizing about teaching (category: Meyer) and new-to-this-world tools and methods for learning math along with how I actually use them (category: Active).